Last updated : 2001 January 15

My name is Takako Hasegawa,
an instructor of table setting and flower arrangement
in Tokyo,Japan.

Design by Takako Hasegawa

Profile of Ms.Takako Hasegawa
Born in Tokyo.

Following a study trip to Europe including England in 1975, acquired technical knowledge and skill regarding flower design, table co-ordination, colour co-ordination and cooking while visiting various countries in Europe, the USA and Asia, and learning their food culture.

In 1992, opened "Table & Flower School: Seijo", while lecturing at culture schools and engaged in co-ordination for parties held at restaurants etc.
Her activities have been introduced in the Japanese major magazines, as well as newspapers (Yomiuri Shimbun , Asahi Shinbun).

She held Special Exhibition(Japanese Table Settings & Japanese Food)in London in October 1999.

Presently active as a table co-ordinator and flower artist.
Lives in Tokyo.

Table & Flower School: Seijo
School Secretariat

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